carrot_rope (carrot_rope) wrote,

Flux Alternate! Screening!

Flux Alternate

One of the things I love about screen printing is how the constraining factors of the process force you to see what you can come up with within those parameters. Well, I love it and it drives me mad, but it's always satisfying if you can come up with creative solutions that move you away from simply relying on your stock moves. Sometimes afterwards working in full colour seems a bit too much, "Well, I could just go and do anything now, couldnt I?".

The other good thing about this is because of the minimal amount of colours its really easy to change them round and you can come up with all manner of different variations on the same picture. There were loads of different colour combinations for my flux tee design; this is probably my personal favourite as of right now. It's sunny, ain't it?
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