carrot_rope (carrot_rope) wrote,

Is that what my voice really sounds like?

Short interview I did for the Creative Choices website a while back. The music on this totally kills me! I can't quite describe it, but it makes me feel like a cartoon of a slightly bumbling and wildly ineffectual boozy artist from the 50s, it's totally awesome. I wish I had some newer art and stuff to highlight in this, seeing all this old stuff makes me cringe a bit.

Also shout out to piratecore - there is a good shot of your postcards in here! Slightly worried that the way its shot in the film it almost makes it seem like I made them, but I do assure you I was explaining which bits and pieces on the board among all the postcards were actually my work!

ps. Don't be coming round here with your fishy paintings, ya hear!
Tags: bumbling, illustration, interview, lols, video
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